Frequently Asked Questions

Would your "Economics and Math" book will help me to develop our "Tokenomics" for our White Paper?

We have had past students who developed their projects and whitepaper with the book.

Does your "Token Economics 201" course and the "Economics and Math" book have the same content?

Our 201 course dives deeper into the first half of the book, while the course doesn't cover the second half of the book which focuses on DeFi.

How does the list of content in your 201 course differ from the public videos posted on your YouTube channel?

Our 201 syllabus teaches the fundamentals and it breaks down the framework, understanding how to apply this course.
Our Youtube channel shows the application of the framework.

Would it be possible to provide a discount for international students?

We are more than happy to support students keen on learning. We have a 30% student discount as long as you have a valid student email. Kindly email us using your student email (aka ends with .edu) and we will provide the 30% discount code for you.

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